The Healing Journey

Dear Friends,

I’d like to tell you a children’s story that made me cry: The Big Bothersome Boulder by my friend Michael Grygleski.

Once upon a time, there was a gigantic Boulder
that sat in the middle of a village without purpose to its existence. Annoyed, the villagers tried to get rid of it, to no avail. One day, a little girl asked the Boulder to move, and it did. It dissolved into dust. The winds blew and the dust became part of a mountain in a distant land. Strong, serene and beautiful,the mountain was the people’s delight year round.

Friends, I am the Boulder! When I was a young adult in Mexico, my wounds got in the way of relationships. I bragged to earn respect and I said things to be liked. Not surprisingly, I experienced rejection. Along came Peter. He asked me to marry him and I moved to the U.S. In an environment of love and acceptance, I healed and became my authentic self. And I discovered my purpose.

For me, this tale represents the healing journey. As we embark on it, we enter the depths of pain and we die. In the process, we transform and are born anew. Empowering Communication supports us in many ways on the path to wholeness. The mountain is all of us, doing our part to contribute to the well being of others and our planet. Together, we make a difference.

With love to all of you,



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