Meet Leslie

Dear Friends,

I’m very happy to introduce to you my close friend and Nonviolent Communication partner, Leslie Ritter-Jenkins. See her post below.

Since 2001, I had dreamt of having an NVC partner with whom I could collaborate teaching NVC. Someone with whom I experienced great affinity. I met Leslie a year later, and I knew it was her. I said, “Leslie, I know you’re raising your kids at this time, but if ten years from now you wanted to collaborate, I would be very happy.” It didn’t take ten years, only seven. Our partnership began in 2008. Leslie brings to my life caring, radical honesty, integrity and fun. I trust you will enjoy getting to know her through her posts.



Greetings. My name is Leslie and I’d like to introduce myself. I count Myra Walden as a treasured friend, one who brings to me countless gifts, a consciousness and presence in empathy which inspire me, chances to grow, and fullness and constancy in friendship. I am guessing those of you who know Myra have also been touched by these gifts. I am deeply grateful to have connected with Myra nine years ago. Since then my path in learning and growing in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has sometimes been pitted and rough, other times it’s been a soft fragrant bed of pine needles cushioning my every step. I knew from the start that NVC would provide for me a chance to grow that would be both challenging and satisfying. I knew in my head and heart that it would provide an invaluable consciousness, a path of grieving and a path of celebrating within and outside of the spiritual traditions I also count as my guides.

Right now I’m feeling nervous connecting with all of you across cyberspace, many of whom I have never met in person or by phone, and a handful who I do know but with whom I have not connected in a long time. I want to bring earnestness, authenticity and connection to this space. I hope and trust this forum, this blog, may become a vehicle to meet these and many more needs, connecting not only across geographical distances, but across the distances between hearts.

When your time allows, if or when you are moved, I would enjoy hearing from you, both when your needs are and when they are not met in this forum. In a few weeks this blog will be a part of our upcoming website and so it will become a ‘more classic’ internet blog accessible to, well, everyone with an internet connection. Thinking about this gives me goose bumps as I imagine the ways we can contribute to each other, to those we count as close friends and those we have never met. That is really cool.



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