“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” ~ Rumi

Hello dear Friends,

I hope you are well.

Life is so fluid. One day I can be happy and content and the next day I am sad. Today I’m very sad. I want to do more of the work that gives me joy. Can you guess what that is? Yes. I want to share Nonviolent Communication (NVC) freely.

You may wonder what keeps me from doing this. My need for security. I work part-time at a nonprofit organization practicing psychotherapy. This takes up a lot of time during the week and a fair amount of energy. I enjoy the work itself very much. I like my coworkers and I’m very grateful for the affordable healthcare and other benefits the organization provides.

And yet…

I LONG to have greater freedom to share NVC.

I could give up security for an uncertain period of time and choose freedom. But I wouldn’t enjoy that either.

According to my understanding of NVC, needs are not negotiable. I cannot trade one need for another and thrive.

But, wait a minute. Isn’t that just what I’m doing? Am I not giving up the
freedom to do the work I love in exchange for the security and peace of mind of dependable income and health care benefits?

Yes, but not indefinitely.

I am developing a strategy that I trust will meet the needs above. My friend and NVC partner, Leslie Ritter-Jenkins, and I are gearing up to launch an NVC project soon. I think that in the near future I will have more opportunities to do the work.

But that’s not the end of the story for me. I also want INNER freedom. NVC reminds me that sharing NVC is not a need.It is strategy to meet my need for CONTRIBUTION.And as long as I remain attached to a specific way to meet a need, I am not free. I want to open my fist, presently clenched around the teach-NVC strategy.

I want to entertain the possibility that some day I might not be able to teach. For instance, due to diminishing health (although currently I’m healthy), or any other major change in my life.

Yet, I need not fear. I trust that, in classic NVC consciousness, I will always be able to contribute to others’ need for connection and caring through empathy, vulnerability and by cherishing them and their needs.

Warm regards to all,



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